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Custom eLearning

Maybe you're looking for compliance training that doesn't put your employees to sleep. Or you've got an amazing new product launch and want training that gets your sales reps excited to sell it! Whatever your training need is, we've got the expertise to effectively teach and engage your learners. Purpose-driven yet creative and crafty, we rapidly produce innovative training for a variety of learning styles.

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Custom eLearning
Micro Learning

Micro Learning

Hop on the tiniest band wagon with a global fan following. Micro learning is a hot commodity – and for good reason! Proven to be an effective form of digestible training that reinforces knowledge retention, micro learning is here to stay. We've got a variety of micro courses to show you to get you thinking about the big picture in a smaller way.

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Virtual Product Demo

A HALIGHT exclusive, our virtual product demos enable learners to digitally interact with your product. Through custom animations, we bring your product's show-stopping features to life on any screen – big or small – with mobile friendly training. Re-think the way you introduce your sales reps to new products and give them something to be wowed by.

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Virtual Product Demo

Learning and Development

How do you inspire self-starters and fresh hires alike to motivate themselves and check off their training to-do list? With our experience-driven team of experts, we can help you re-define your learning and development strategy. Add value to your learners' training journey with a strategy that incentivizes them to learn more and gives them training content they'll remember for the long run.

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Marketing Materials

You have the marketing roadmap. We sit in the driver's seat. We start with a kickoff call to learn more about your brand and to brainstorm creative concepts. Then, we put the pedal to the metal. Our writers and graphic designers embody your brand guidelines to craft catchy and visually engaging marketing assets. We produce high-quality materials in lightning speed that match your brand vision and achieve the goals we've identified.

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Consumer Education Icon

Consumer Education

“But how do I use it?” is a question you may hear from your customers. Your new gadgets and industry-shaping services may win them over, but consumers may need a little help navigating their experience at home. Through effective explanation and engaging visuals, we craft consumer education to make it make sense. To sum it up, we help them experience the product or service the way you intended.

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